How to Hide Your Christmas Gifts (So People Won’t Find Them)

christmas-giftYou work hard shopping for all those Christmas presents – but what happens if the gift recipients live in the same home as you? It’s discouraging to think that they could find the gifts at any moment because that would completely spoil the surprise. Sure, you could always wrap the gift before you put it away. However, that isn’t a guarantee that the secret is safe! Your best bet is to hide it so that no one can find it. Here are some great places to hide them:

Garbage Can

No one will think to look for gifts in a garbage can, especially if it’s near the rest of the household trash. You don’t need to use a dirty garbage can either. Use a clean, new can to store all the gifts. No one will ever guess that there are gifts in it! They’ll stay away because most people think garbage is gross.


Most people try to avoid the attic. It’s dusty and often scary, which means that it’s the perfect hiding spot for Christmas gifts! Choose the place in the attic that has the most dust or is the most out of the way and no one will be able to find them.

Plain Sight

Have you ever thought of hiding the gifts right in front of people’s noses? Consider placing them in a clean bin labeled with something boring, such as, “Electric Bills” or “Tax Returns.” People won’t even suspect that the gifts are in the bin.

These tips will help keep prying eyes away from the gifts so they can really be surprised!