Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Olaf Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentWhen I was a kid, I would make my mother take me to the Hallmark store so I could look at the giant display of keepsake ornaments. Each ornament told a story and when I gazed at them, my imagination would run wild.

There were the little houses, the ornaments celebrating popular films, and some that feature classic Christmas images, like Santa Clause.

Well, I just looked up Hallmark’s 2014 keepsake ornaments and I think this might be my favorite yet. These ornaments are HOT. Hallmark has built a reputation for showing us unique, collectable ornaments. Think about it. Most of us don’t really need any more ornaments. These are so unique and cute that we can’t help but buy a few new ones each year to add to our collections.

Not only that, but these Christmas ornaments are also great gift ideas. For example, the Olaf ornament (the snowman from Frozen) is a perfect gift for someone who loves that character and loves the movie. Ornaments are perfect gifts for nearly everyone on your list.

Here are my top five favorite ornaments from Hallmark’s 2014 release. I know I am not the only one who is going to love them, either. These are going to be popular this year!