3 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some options for Christmas gifts that you can make yourself? When you take the time to create your own gifts, it can really show someone how much you care about them! The good news is that these gifts don’t need to take a long time to make, either. Here’s a look at some of my favorite DIY gift ideas for Christmas:

Baked Goods and Chocolates

This is always a classic for me. I love putting together plates of homemade baked goods and even homemade candies. Although it isn’t difficult making my own truffles, they certainly do look impressive when packaged in a pretty container! Here’s a video with a great truffles recipe:

Mason Jar Mixes

Instead of making the baked goods myself, I sometimes like to create my own mixes to give away! Mason jar treats such as brownies and chocolate chip cookies contain everything the gift recipient needs to make that dish. Here’s a video that shares five “Cookie in a Jar” recipes to give as gifts.

Bath and Beauty Products

Homemade bath and beauty products are also a great choice for those who want to make homemade gifts. Not everyone is a fan of sweets, and I find that these beauty products are just as easy to make as the baked goods I listed above, if not easier. Here’s a good video that I found that shows you how to make bath bombs. It’s so fun watching the kids make these!

No matter what you decide to make, it’s sure to be a hit! People love homemade gifts.