Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas treeFor the first few years of my life as an adult and having a Christmas tree, I would continually forget to put down a tree skirt. I moved around so many times in my twenties, I would often forget where my tree skirt really was. I didn’t always unpack all my boxes because sometimes I wouldn’t be in the same place for long enough. It was easier to only unpack the things that I needed.

The problem is that tree skirts are important, especially if you have a real tree. When evergreen trees begin to dry out, they tend to drop their needles. If you don’t have a tree skirt the needles make a big mess. If you had a skirt for under your tree, you could simply shake out the skirt outside when it became filled with needles. It’s much easier to take care of.

For me, I love a simple, yet festive design. Red, green, white, or blue are all great colors. I once had one that was made of white and had glitter pieces which made it look like a bed of fallen snow. Now, I get a new skirt every few years because I like to change the design. Here are some of my favorite tree skirts.