Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Christmas StockingAs soon as I became an adult, the Christmas stocking stuffers stopped. Why is that? Filling a stocking with small trinkets is a magical thing even for adults. So this year, I propose that we fill up those stockings for those adults whom we love, not just the children.

So, what should we put in these stockings? Luckily, I have a few ideas. Most of these things are items that I would certainly love it if they made it into my Christmas stocking.

  • Beauty products, makeup, and perfume. I would love it of someone could give me my favorites.
  • Jewelry. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Fill that stocking up with costume jewelry if that’s what you can afford! 😉
  • Items related to a hobby. For example, if the person you are getting stocking stuffers for loves golf, things like new golf balls would be an appropriate gift.
  • Food and drink items such as small bottles of wine, bars of chocolate, and nips.

Which gifts would you love in your  stocking? Leave a message in the comments and let me know!