What’s On My Christmas Playlist?

christmas-ornamentsToday I heard my first Christmas ensemble of the year – a bell choir organized by a local church. The music was beautiful and the ladies work REALLY hard. It made me realize that it is time to think about my Ultimate Christmas Playlist. After spending some time looking around for the right one, I decided to go ahead and make my own!

Rather than describe which songs I put on my playlist, I thought I’d share it with you! I’m a huge fan of jazz and swing so of course there’s Glenn Miller, Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, and an assortment of other Christmas classics. As the Christmas season progresses, I am sure that I will add even more songs. We’re just getting started this year!

My goal is to create a list of favorite songs that I won’t get sick of – there are certain songs I cringe when I hear them now. There are several reasons for this – many songs are overplayed, others are depressing, and still others – I just don’t like. I tend to like jazz, swing, and any Christmas music that sounds fairly upbeat. I mainly like classic songs, but not every song needs to be predictable. For instance, I love Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.