Christmas Card Wreath Holder

christmas card wreath holderEvery year, I struggle to find a place to put all my Christmas cards. Usually, I just stand them up on a table surface or hang them up on  the refrigerator with magnets.

This isn’t the best way, though, because they always seem to fall down – the card stock is too heavy and most magnets aren’t strong enough.

This year, I plan to do something different. I am going to buy a Christmas card wreath holder. Of all the designs I seen this, to me, is the cleverest. Most of hang wreaths anyway so why not make it a dual purpose? People take the time to send cards, this is an excellent way to display them for everyone to see.

My favorite styles are the wire wreath card holders because they’re the easiest to use and most elegant. You can also find ones that use clothespins but most of these are handmade (or ones I need to make myself) and I much prefer to buy my card holder. There is so much to do at Christmas time that I find I run out of steam if I take on too may projects.

You can buy them in pretty much any size. Since I usually get a lot of cards in the mail, I always buy a larger one. However, the size you buy will depend on your own needs. It looks much better if it is all filled up with cards.