Alternatives to Sending Christmas Cards

christmas cardsEven though this is a happy time of year, the weeks leading up to Christmas can be incredibly stressful. The weeks after Thanksgiving fly by and then we realize that oops, we didn’t get everything done. For me, that often means that I didn’t send Christmas cards either by choice or because I ran out of time.

People love getting Christmas cards because they love being remembered by their friends and family members. People use the cards to decorate their homes. They even buy things like these Christmas card wreaths to store them. Yet, not all of us have time to send them. Now what?

Well, there are other ways to show people you care about them that have nothing to do with sending cards. Let’s face it, sending cards can be costly and time consuming. Time and money seem to be things we are often short on. Here are some ideas.

Send an Email Greeting

My mother puts together her own, unique Christmas card on her computer. With the help of her Apple computer lessons, she is now more creative with her computer than I am. It’s so clever – she puts together a little photo collage and sends them off to people. This option is quick , simple, and inexpensive and it still shows people that you are thinking of them. You can also send an eCard if you don’t feel like putting together your own greeting.

Send Christmas Card Postcards

These are cheaper, easier to write on, and less expensive to send via post. This is perfect for those who love sending things by snail mail but who find the process of sending a card to be a little too much. Sending Christmas themed post cards is a nice, happy medium.

Christmas Card Services

Did you know you can hire a professional service to write up and send your Christmas cards for you? Just provide them an address list and your instructions and they’ll take care of all the details – for a fee, of course. You can also hire a virtual assistant to do these things for.

Create a Newsletter

An alternative to sending a digital eCard is to create a newsletter. This gives your recipients a more personalized feel. However, all you need to do is write one message and send it to multiple people. If you’re really pressed for time, you can hire a virtual assistant to put together and send the newsletter.

Sending Christmas cards the old fashioned way can be so time consuming. Try these alternatives to help make your holidays a lot easier.